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Is Your Anchor Holding?

Covid - Isolation. Limits on Travel. Virtual Living.

And just when it seems like a new dawn approaching, BOOM! Russia/Ukraine war. Fears of

a potential World War 3. Families displaced – our collective trauma inflamed yet again

followed swiftly by rising fuel prices, inflation, rising food prices. The uncertainty of the last

2.5years sending us into protective mode yet again.

No one is immune. We are all trying to survive one way or another. For some it is physical

survival, struggling to put food on the table, for war-torn Ukraine it's a fight for freedom that

has seen lives lost, homes lost and for all of us, the mental and emotional battle to keep

living and moving forward is the reality.

SO, How's your anchor? Is it holding?

In fact, let's go back to step one - Do you have an anchor? One that keeps your soul? So that

even if pressed from every side, you are not crushed? (2  Cor 4:8,9)

Will your anchor hold in the storms of life,

when the clouds unfold their wings of strife?

When the strong tides lift, and the cables strain,

will your anchor drift, or firm remain?

No matter how strong your faith, you cannot deny the shaking, resetting, forced reflection & the removal of stability from our world. And inevitably from your life and my life. A new

normal as you often hear these days.

Is your anchor firm and deep? Is it getting you through? How do you know?

For me, when I'm easily flustered externally or feel a sense of persistent anxiety or stress, It

is a signal that, I am unhinged within from my anchor - not trusting the word, focusing my

attention more on events and circumstances than on the one who holds everything in his

hands, not spending quality time in silence & reflection in God's presence- in this posture, all the hidden, unconscious dispositions rise to the surface into the light of God & there, I can trust them into His hands.

Having an anchor does not mean you are not shaken nor that things will work in a perfect

way in your life. No. It means 'though the earth gives way, though the mountains be moved into the heart of the sea, we do not fear' (Ps 42:1-2) because God is our refuge, strength & ever present help' - our anchor.

Having an anchor means even in the midst of the disruption of your life and of the world, His

peace that surpasses all understanding still guards your heart & assures you He's got you.

An anchor holds a boat/ship in place so it doesn't drift away. It is a safe place when all hell

has broken lose around you and keeps you in place, not blown away by the storms you

cannot prevent nor control.

I have an anchor that keeps me grounded, that I run to and that I try daily to stay with. But I

realize it is a daily choice I must make. In fact, it’s a moment by moment choice. What do I

choose to anchor to in the moment – my own abilities or trust that others will have my back

and do right by me? Or constantly remind myself that the only unshakeable and unchanging

and trustworthy anchor is the God who made the whole world in His hands, not any human

including myself.

We have an anchor that keeps the soul

steadfast and sure while the billows roll;

fastened to the Rock which cannot move,

grounded firm and deep in the Saviour’s love!

Do you have an anchor? And how is it holding? I will recommend you try my anchor for

yourself if not already.

Equally important is that, an anchor is not only for the stormy seasons but equally needed in

the calm – a reminder that the safety and stability it provides is what enables us to be and

have and do everything else. Away from an anchor, pride sets in because we start to believe

our achievements are by our own strength.


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