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We are an Inter-Denominational Ministry focused on serving the Black Christian Community - to live a FULL and INTEGRATED life.



Our VISION is for black Christians, especially young people, to understand, embrace and live a FULL and INTEGRATED life of excellence (faith& life) with confidence.



Our MISSION is to enable - enlighten/empower, encourage, support, provide leadership development - black Christians, especially young people, to live a FULL and INTEGRATED life to achieve their full potential for both personal fulfilment & enrichment of their families, communities and the world.

Our focus is specifically on the black community because of its unique cultural legacies with consequent beliefs, experiences and challenges. This focus will enable us address the conflict between some of these legacies and the Christian faith.


The inspiration for this inter-denominational initiative, Life Inc, is part experience, part observation.

Growing up in church and having been part of a faith community across different denominations in Ghana, the States and the UK. One thing that struck us is how little we speak openly and clearly about how the faith we profess and the lives we live outside should be fully integrated. Talking or hearing about this is subject to when a preacher touches on this subject or during 'special' occasion or events - thus no go-to resource or avenue to keep this conversation going and in sync with our lives and changing, plus increasingly complex world we live in.


We'd Love to Hear From You. Here's How You Can Reach Us

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