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Are you in awe of God?

It is so easy to lose the sense of awe of God that as Christians we are to have. After all, our daily devotions can become routine, praises and worship on Sundays can become mundane, and inspiring verse images can be all too familiar. Our modern world doesn’t make it any easier. We are surrounded by great inventions, as well as advancements which are readily available at the touch of a button. It is no wonder then, that sometimes we are rather enchanted by the fleeting things of the world instead of being in awe of God’s majesty, creativity and sheer genius.

I have been reading Job recently. After chapters of bad counsel from his friends, the youngest of Job’s friends’ steps in and offers a different perspective whilst extolling and proclaiming God’s majesty. God then steps into the conversation and answers Job. What struck me most whilst reading this part of Job is the omnipotence and greatness of God. Yes, we know God sustains the world, however, when He himself proclaims these things, even the most minute of them, we see just how much he controls. Nothing is left to chance. Some people suggest that God set the world in motion and left it to run by itself but upon reading this section especially, there is no denying that He is constantly in control and I think that is a wonderful reality that we should remind ourselves of everyday.

Here are a few that I picked out:

· God controls every wave and storm and even how far they come onto the beach (Job 38:8-11).

· He calls for the morning every day, that means in every country. (38:12)

· He knows accurately how wide the earth is. (38:18)

· He knows the ‘storehouse’ of the snow and hail and calls them into action just by his voice. (38:22) When he calls lightnings, they go before God and say, ‘Here we are’. (38:35)

· God feeds every animal on earth- every organism - and clothes each one. He even commands when the animals move (39:27)

My favourite verse in this passage is Job 38:41 where it says that our God ‘provides for the raven its prey when its young ones cry to God for help’. Imagine: all the different animals each crying to be fed, and God provides for them. How much more us, His children whom he created in his image, and whom he sacrificed His only begotten son for. When we consider the beauty which surrounds us, we are reminded of our Fathers might and power as well as his love which he bestows on his creation. Furthermore, like Job, when we ponder upon these things, we realise our total dependence on him. We will be stunned to silence and be truly humbled(40:5).

Make it a habit, therefore, to pause occasionally, and just look around you, or listen to yourself breathing, look at the different faces you are surrounded by and remind yourself of the fact that your Father in heaven made all this and he is indeed worthy to be praised.

With you in Christ,


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